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More Free Playing Cards Than Ever Before!

ETA 10.3.18:  Please visit our new Playing Card Loyalty Program page!

Here at we love our customers.  As a result we’ve been talking about how to let you all know! Today we’ve upgraded our Loyalty Rewards program.  We’re hoping that you’re as psyched by this much larger selection of choices as we are. 

We've also added a few more options for how to earn points!  You now have the ability to earn up to 100 points a week just by leaving reviews!  Going forward for every product review you leave you will get 10 points.  You can leave up to 10 reviews a week.  That means you can earn 100 points a week with out spending a penny!

Here’s a quick run-down on the additions made to the program:

50 Point Playing Card Decks Added

Rodeo Playing Cards USPCC

Denim v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

100 Point Playing Card Decks Added

Monster Bicycle Playing Cards

Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards

Knights Bicycle Playing Cards

130 Point Playing Card Decks Added

Sub Rosa Playing Cards

Sub Rosa Playing Cards USPCC

Chicken Playing Cards USPCC

Friendly Felines Playing Cards

Friendly Felines Playing Cards USPCC

Guard Slate Playing Cards

The Guard Slate Playing Cards USPCC

Additional Changes to Loyalty Rewards Program

We’ve also added the option to share our site on Facebook for an additional 10 pts.

Last but not least, you now have the ability to earn points for every product review you leave!  For every review you will earn 10 points.  You can leave up to 10 reviews a week - that's 100 points a week! To receive your review points please make sure to include your email address in marked field on the review form.

We are offering 50pts for every referral and the person you refer will receive 10% off their first purchase! 

For those wondering how to claim their free decks please read carefully.  First you will need to claim your reward in the loyalty rewards portal.  Then you should receive an email with a coupon code that you can then use when purchasing the deck.  Once you have your code you need to add the free deck to your cart then enter in the coupon code.  If you have any questions on this please contact

As usual we’d love to hear your thoughts on this updated program.  Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of these recent changes.  What types of rewards would you like to see? Let us know!

Please note that the Loyalty Program is subject to change at any time.

UPDATE 7.6.18: ETA - In order to receive your points for leaving a review you will need to enter your email address in the marked email field on the review form.

UPDATE 7.20.18: We have added pts for referrals back in since we are discontinuing our Referral program.


  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for your comments on the new updated program. To answer a few questions, please make sure to be logged into your account when you leave your review. Also, this program is not connected to the referral program so you don’t need to sign up for that in order to collect your points.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions/concerns!

    Tiffany Sands on

  • Nice update to the Rewards program! Thank you!

    A question just occurred to me. What name should we put in a review so that it is connected with our accounts for the Rewards program? I submitted a review under the name “P. Dennis” which doesn’t exactly match my account user name!

    Phillip Dennis on

  • Great idea. Do you need to sign up for the “Referral Program” to be entitled for the loyalty rewards earned by reviews, or do you just need an account, and is this calculated automatically?

    Javier on

  • Nice additions to the Loyalty Program.

    Steven Hansen on

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