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Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards

$99.99 USD
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Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards

$99.99 USD

Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards

For centuries, owls have been revered for their grace, power and beauty. Alternately a symbol of wisdom or a harbinger of death, these creatures mean many things to many different cultures. Now you can hold all the allure these avians have to offer in your hands, in Strigiformes: A Deck of Owls. Each card is hand illustrated, with fully custom courts, pips, jokers, aces, and a custom back. 17 owl species have been carefully selected for each suit, from the amusing burrowing owl to the regal Eurasian eagle owl.

Tarot, royal and nature symbolism is used thru out the deck. Small indexes and medium borders make for great looking fans. This deck makes an excellent addition to your collection, poker game, magic trick or cardistry routine.

Species List:

Hearts: Tytonidae 
Ace: Australian Masked Owl
King: Barn Owl
Queen: Oriental Bay Owl
Jack: Lesser Sooty Owl 

Clubs: Strigidae - Strix
Ace: Barred Owl 
 King: Great Grey Owl
Queen: Ural Owl 
 Jack: Spotted Owl

Diamonds: Strigidae - Megascops, Otus & Ptilopsis
Ace: Eastern Screech Owl
King: Giant Scops Owl
Queen: White-fronted Scops Owl
Jack: Northern White-faced Owl 

Spades: Strigidae - Bubo
Ace: Blakiston's Fish Owl
King: Eurasian Eagle Owl
Queen: Snowy Owl 
 Jack: Great Horned Owl 

Jokers: Strigidae - Athene 
Burrowing Owl 


  • Made in USA by USPCC  
  • Classic Stock  
  •  Air-Cushion Finish  
  • Poker Size  
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers
  • Extra Joker with Reveal
  • 21 of Spades Gaff Card
  • Two-Way Back Design
  • Custom Numbered Tuck Seal  
  • 100% Custom Original Art  
  • Designed by Renee LeCompte 
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • Limited Edition of 2,500
  • Over Half the Decks Pre-Sold Before Printing
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This deck handles great and last a good time, but I’m just not much of a fan of the back design. But I still use this deck for preforming all the time. Really recommend getting this deck.


This deck is pretty decent. I really like the owl theme. Perfect addition to the collection. The tuck has a striking, eye catching depiction of an owl!

Ale Star
Absolutely love these

The artwork on these cards is exquisite. The range of designs is perfect. These look like a lot of work went into the owl renderings - they are beautiful. The backs, the tuck case, the card quality, everything - put together with care and attention to detail.

David Taylor
Best Card Deck Ever

This is the nicest deck of cards I have ever purchased. The entire deck is unique. I am an owl lover and there could not have been a nicer deck to add to my collection. I purchased several decks for myself and others to give as gifts. Everyone that I have given these to has been impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the design. I hope that the designer of this deck will consider releasing more decks with different colored backs. My friends and I play card games with four decks at a time and having different colored backs would assist in separating the decks when we are finished.

Daniel Costarell
It's creepy, and I love it

This is such an unusual deck, and to be honest, it's not one that I would have purchased on my own, as I received this as a promotional item. That said, it has some very cool features. The backs are symmetrical with owl head designs and a sort of geometric floral-ish pattern at center. The deck is completely custom, with even the two thru ten cards getting the benefit of a nice light black background and even darker black background design therein (the spades and clubs are white for purposes of this dark design) along with a white border, which is cut away at the corners so that the corner indexes rest on the white part of the card. All of the "aces and faces", as you may have guessed, feature owls, but in a very gothic and macabre type manner. Also take note of the items held by the court card owls, as this is almost a nod to a Spanish deck (unless this is just my imagination running wild). There are three full sized jokers included. The two red jokers (the word "JOKER" itself is what distinguishes the jokers as either red or black in this deck) are identical, save for the fact that one of them is a reveal, a two of spades peeking from the jester's cap on the ground. The black joker shows the owl actually wearing the jester's cap. There is also a "21 of spades" gaff card featuring an owl skeleton. For a deck that seemed a bit silly just by looking at the box, you owe it to yourself to open this deck up and give it a close examination. This one is very cool.

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