Pip Box Club Subscription -SIGN UP NOW LIVE!

Pip Box Club is a passion project from Will Roya & PlayingCardDecks.com that has been in development for several months.

We want to bring YOU an exciting selection of decks & extras on a monthly basis.

Boxes ship by the 10th of each month but you must sign-up before the end of the month to receive the next months box.

What kind of decks can you expect?

  • All decks are brand new, sealed, mint condition.
  • At least 1 deck will be a new release (within last 2 months).
  • At least 1 deck will be a newer release (within past year).
  • One deck may be a blast from the past (over a year old).
  • At least 2 of the decks will be printed by USPCC.
  • At least 1 deck will be Bicycle branded.
  • Decks will be from your favorite brands and producers, maybe even some never released prototype decks and other exclusives.
  • The value of the decks will be at least $30. It will be in our best interest to give you the best value on a monthly basis.
  • PCD / WR kickstarter funded decks will not be included in the box unless it is a blast from the past selection (1 year after release) as we don't want to discourage members from backing future projects.

Please click here for more details on the sign-up procedures.