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Small Blind Pip Box Playing Card Subscription

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Small Blind Pip Box Playing Card Subscription

Our most popular Pip Box subscription plan is the best surprise to look forward to each month!

Each month you'll get to open a new Pip Box and discover 3 amazing decks, new release sample cards, and an exclusive discount or offer!

These aren't just any deck either. We promise that each box will come with

  • At least 1 Bicycle Deck
  • At least 2 decks manufactured in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company (think Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho and more!)
  • At least 2 decks made in the last year with one guaranteed to be released within the past two months!

The Pip Box is the best way to explore the vast world of playing cards!

You may cancel anytime!

Please see below for more details.


You must sign-up before the end of the month to receive the next months box.

The boxes will ship by the 10th of the month (after the month you sign-up or purchase) and you will be notified with tracking via email but it may not show as fulfilled in your account.

You will be billed the same day each month as the original day you signed up, unless you would like to change the date.

Please note that promo codes will not work with Pip Box in your cart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Daniel Moran
Really good

I really like it, I received the Small Blind Pip Box of March, and I love them, I am gonna buy the next one

Забавный способ купить...

Забавный способ купить что-нибудь ненужное ! Возможно это мне не повезло , но знаю людей кому очень повезло ! Но все же это отличный способ для разнообразия вашей коллекции!!!

John Volianitis
Love the subscription

I have received two Pip Boxes so far(July and August), and I must say that I love the subscription decks! I have another box coming in September, and then I will decide to continue. As it is, the selection on this site is amazing, so I have to temper my purchases... at least the discount codes help, as well as the items on clearance. Again, love the subscription and the site!

Great for My Growing Collection!

I have been loving my monthly pip boxes! They always have decks with some great features that I would never choose just by browsing online--the Ambulance deck from last month is a perfect example! Always very excited when they arrive! Really enjoy looking through the singles to add to my wishlist, too. Many thanks, and keep up the great work!

Michael D.
Signed back up

Such a great deal! I signed up for three months and missed it after one month, so I signed up again. Always a great buy, and they are always worth more than what you pay. The mystery and surprise are worth the wait each month, and with so many beautiful decks to choose from on the site, it makes it easier on collectors because they choose for you! And the extra cards both aid in choosing new decks, and sometimes add extra cards to decks already purchased! It’s a win-win for sure!

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