Big Blind Pip Box Playing Card Subscription

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You have the option to make an one time purchase, subscribe with recurring payment or prepay.

Our big blind box will include 6 card decks (2 of each, unless there is a set), new release sample cards, and an exclusive discount or offer.

You must sign-up before the end of the month to receive the next months box.

The boxes will ship by the 10th of the month (after the month you sign-up or purchase) and you will be notified with tracking via email but it may not show as fulfilled in your account.

You can pre-pay for your membership or choose recurring payments. One time purchase is also available.

Only credit cards can be used for subscriptions, not paypal, amazon pay, etc. You can pre-pay with paypal or amazon pay by choosing multiple one-time purchases.

Please click here for more information on signing up and managing your subscription.

If you sign-up for recurring membership you will be billed the same day each month as the original day you signed up, unless you would like to change the date.

Please do not share the contents of the box on social media until the following month so as not to spoil the surprise for members who have not received the box yet.

Please note that most promo codes will not work with Pip Box in your cart.

Also if you are signing up for a recurring membership you must pay via credit card directly and not with paypal, amazonpay, afterpay, etc.

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