Sub Rosa Playing Cards USPCC

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An August 2018 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

The back of the cards features a beautiful hand-drawn watercolor two-way design with floral themes such as vivid-colored flowers and leaves which are contrasting the navy blue background.

The tuck box teases its' contents with a preview of the cards, with intentionally muted colors to differ from the back design while also preserving all similarities.

For the faces, we have decided to stick with the familiar and brilliantly designed standard faces that we all love but with a touch of our style. The Jokers are two identical beautifully hand painted watercolor red roses, the pips have been redone with a watercolor style and the same texture is applied to the court cards.

  • 52 playing cards
  • 2 identical jokers
  • 1 double backer
  • 1 duplicate King of Spades
  • Printed by the USPCC
  • Produced by cardsxiii
  • Linen Finish
  • Limited Edition of 2000
  • 2018 Release

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