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Knights Bicycle Playing Cards

$19.99 USD
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Knights Bicycle Playing Cards

$19.99 USD

A medieval knights themed deck suitable for all playing card purposes; games, magic tricks and cardisty. Also a highly collectable deck with a low one time print run and individually numbered seals.

  • Made in USA by USPCC
  • Bicycle Branded
  • Premium Stock 
  • Air-Cushion Finish 
  • Poker Size 
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers & 2 Gaff Cards 
  • Extra Club on 4 of Clubs
  • Tuck Case Reveal
  • Custom Numbered Tuck Seal
  • 100% Custom Original Art 
  • Designed by Sam Hayles
  • Limited Edition of 2,500
  • 2018 Release


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Amazing deck

    Bicycle's Knights deck of cards is a good deck of cards to play with, they feel and handle great, like all Bicycle cards. Bicycle sold me with this one, I had to buy this super cool deck, amazing for collectors and gameplay.

    The Jokers are full suits of armor with blood spattered in the background, each ace is shields with different designs. The black pips are splattered with blood but not fully red. The cards themselves have an older dirty look. The face cards are all knights with different designs.

    If you love the knights in the medieval times, you will love this deck. Not much I would change about the cards.

    Really cool

    Amazing back design. Love the medieval theme. I also really enjoy the quality of the cards. Really good stock.

    Доспехи рыцарей средневековья.

    Великолепная колода карт , но ... Доспехи средневековых рыцарей - вот это будет точное определение тематики этой колоды. Очень ценный продукт для тех кто в теме.

    Sean Patterson
    So many decks of cards

    I received these today as a gift deck with my order. I had no idea these existed. I'm not going to open this one as I will order a few in the near future to play with. They definitely look very nice from the pictures I've seen. A deck that is far from standard and would be cool to show friends that aren't into custom cards. A free deck in an order is an awesome treat. How many companies treat their customers as well as Playing Card Decks? Not very many in todays world.

    Awesome deck

    This is an awesome deck. Not only to collect but to play as well. The bloodstained black suits can be a lottle tricky if your not paying attention. But overall 5 star.

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