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Friendly Felines Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD
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Friendly Felines Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD

Friendly Felines Playing Cards

Designed in Europe and printed in the USA by USPCC.  Each set of courts represents cats from a different region. We also added in some gaffs and reveals for magic tricks. That combined with a full bleed back design make this a well rounded deck suitable for collecting, playing games and performing magic tricks with. Only 988 have been printed with a custom numbered seal.

Deck Features:

  •        52 Standard Playing Cards + 2 Jokers
  •        2 Gaff Cards
  •        Printed by USPCC
  •        Classic Stock
  •        Embossed Finish
  •        Full Bleed Back Design
  •        100% Custom Art
  •        Limited Edition
  •        Custom Individually Numbered Seal
  •        Tuck Case & Joker Reveal
  •        2017 Release
Hearts from Europe: 
  •        Jack = Scottish Cat
  •        Queen = Russian Blue
  •        King = Tuxedo Cat 
  •        Ace = Lynx
Spades from America:
  •        Jack = Bengal Cat 
  •        Queen = Rag-doll Cat 
  •        King = Calico Cat 
  •        Ace = Cougar
Diamonds from Asia:
  •        Jack = Black Cat 
  •        Queen = Persian Cat
  •        King = Himalaya Cat
  •        Ace = Tiger
Clubs from Africa:
  •        Jack = Chausie
  •        Queen = Abyssinian Cat 
  •        King = Egyptian Mau 
  •        Ace = Cheetah
Jokers have hair anomalies:
  •        Lion is the only Cat with a mane
  •        Sphinx is a hairless cat breed
Gaff Cards:
  •        Ace of Diamonds Variation for Transformation
  •        Ace of Diamonds Blank for Disappearance

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Pablo N
Arte felino

Realmente es arte felino distintos díseños de diferentes razas, con detalles delicados en los dibujos.
Increíble mazo de colección.

Steve Hansen
My opinion

Friendly Felines Playing Cards Deck would make a very nice gift to the cat lover in the family. Unique custom art and only 988 printed with a custom numbered seal is a plus. Not such a good deck of cards for playing games though.

Brian T
Gorgeous deck

Bought this as a gift for a young cat lover. I Love this deck. The illustrations are great, but the back design is incredible. I can’t stop handling this deck.


This deck is creative and fun! Not to mentioned it is a number deck and had a great seal. Great USPCC feel too!

Прекрасное оформление.

На первый взгляд выглядит как для детей , но это не так ! Великолепная тематическая колода карт . ХОРОШО ЧТО ЕСТЬ ВИДЕО ОБЗОР !!! И очень замечательно что можно приобрести её бесплатно в качестве бонуса поощрения . Качество карт как всегда на 5+.

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