Top 5 Playing Card Decks by Sales November 2018

Top 5 Playing Card Decks by Sales November 2018

This past month we see a couple newer releases on the list as well as a deck that was also on October's top 5.

5. Keepers Sea Green Playing Cards Cartamundi - The newest deck in the popular series from ellusionist.

4. Dragon Tome Bicycle Playing Cards - An older release from Albino Dragon that we hope to have back in stock soon.

3. Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards - One of our most popular in house produced decks to date. Our remaining stock may sell out soon.

2. Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - An affordable workers marked deck from Penguin Magic that is a consistent best seller. Was on October's top 5.

1. Memento Mori NXS Playing Cards USPCC - The latest in this popular series produced by Murphy's Magic.

Last month I predicted that it might be one of the new NOC decks on this list, they did sell well but not enough to break the top 5. We have a lot of new decks coming out this month but with gift buying season I don't have any strong predictions for what this month's top 5 are going to be.


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