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Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards

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Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Available in blue & red, not sold as a set

I’m going to let you in on a secret: Top card magicians use marked decks. Every single time they perform. They use the decks in ways you’ve never even thought of.

Some amateur magicians are afraid of using marked cards. They’re afraid of getting caught. But here's the thing: NOBODY ever gets caught because a spectator sees the marks; magicians ONLY get caught when they STARE AT THE MARKS FOR TOO LONG. So, we designed marks that are bigger, more visible, yet ORGANICALLY hidden in the design.

Our marked deck is also the most affordable, which is a GAME CHANGER because now you can handle the marked deck just like you would any other old cheap deck. You can have cards signed. You can tear them up. You can throw them around. Do whatever tricks you'd normally do.

…and speaking of tricks, when you buy even ONE deck of our Marked Cards, you're going to get TWO FREE, FULL-LENGTH DOWNLOADS showing you a bunch of BRAND NEW effects that can be done with these marked cards. 

The first download features me. Basically, I read through all the old marked deck books, pulled out the best four tricks I could find, and then worked with my Vegas friends to modernize and improve them. Every one of these 4 tricks has the power to KILL. Just look at the demo video and see for yourself.

The second download features Jon Armstrong. He's one of those card pros who uses marked cards ALWAYS. Seriously, if you've seen him do card tricks, the cards were marked. He's going to teach you advanced marked card technique. He's going to reveal how marked cards can DRAMATICALLY improve the tricks you already perform. He'll show you how marked cards can act as a failsafe in case your trick goes wrong. He’ll show you how marked cards are the single most powerful weapon you've overlooked. 


1) Our Marked Cards are now printed on the U.S. Playing Card Company’s ELITE STOCK. (Previously the Elite Stock was only available for unmarked Bicycle cards.) These cards are flexible, snappy, and durable. They offer a soft yet supple handling with smooth edges and a traditional cut. 

2) Along with 2 identical jokers, the Marked Cards come with a bonus double-backer and a blank-facer.

3) The Marked Cards come stacked in Mnemonica order. So if you do memory work, just throw in a couple false shuffles and you’re ready to perform miracles, right out of the box. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, don't worry about it. Doesn't change the cards in any way. ;)

This marked deck might be the single most powerful tool a card magician could every use. If you’re serious about card magic, you can’t afford NOT to pick up a couple decks. 

-Rick Lax

PS: I PROMISE after you watch the free download with Jon Armstrong, any fears you might have about getting "caught" will VANISH. Seriously, he's going to show you how to use marked cards the RIGHT way so nobody even IMAGINES that they MIGHT be marked.

“These are the Best Marked Cards that I own.” 
-Roger De Coster 

"Finally a marked deck I can use as an everyday deck!” 
-Meir Yedid

“The cards are amazing. I carry them around all the time.” 
-Alan Sandler 

“The marks are ridiculously easy to see, but formed in a way that deceives the eye and integrated into the natural pattern of the back seamlessly.” 
-Scott Alexander 

"I don't use a marked deck, but after seeing these I may have to start." Gary Plants

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tim Eckert
Free Download

I bought this deck but how do we get the free download that’s mentioned in the description? I didn’t receive anything along with the deck when it arrived.

Terrance Green

I need something more better. Maiden deck was too easy. Need a more hidden mark and not the ultimate decks .

Very easy to read markings

A nice deck of cards and solid training videos that come along with them. I actually already had a deck of these cards and wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but satisfied nonetheless.

Jenna Williams
The cards are just what I expected.

I wish the blue had been available as well

John Nesbit
The markings are too small to read for older people.

For an older man like myself who needs glasses to read small print these days, Mark decks of the current generation are not suitable to be practical in performance circumstances. The markings need to be easier to read without having to Resort to putting on reading glasses prior to implementing the marked deck.

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