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Memento Mori NXS Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD
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Memento Mori NXS Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD

Memento Mori NXS Playing Cards

"Time reveals all. Thoughts become action. Clumsiness turns to precision. Failures lead to knowledge. Frustration gives way to breakthroughs. Struggle turns to resilience. Boundaries give way to creativity. What you live for becomes what you die for. Your life becomes your legacy." 

Memento Mori NXS (Nexus) represents the convergence of life, art, and triumph. It exists as a reminder to seize every precious moment that we are gifted, to live every breath to its fullest, and to leave a lasting legacy to endure the ages. 

Memento Mori NXS brings back acclaimed artist Adrian Valenzuela, art designer behind the original Memento Mori. With Memento Mori NXS, he takes low-poly designs to a whole new level by infusing abstract shapes with realism of light and shadow. The result is a beautifully modern design reminiscent of classical impressionism, yet grounded with purpose and inspiration. 

Memento Mori - "Remember your mortality"

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Brewer
My favorite Latin Phrase!

I've looked at these for a long, long time, finally got them. Well worth it! Feel good, look good, and it's my favorite Latin phrase

A nice re-imagining of an already great deck

I picked up both this and the original Memento Mori deck and love them both for their charms. This particular re-imagining drops the yellow from the original and substitutes solely the blues and pinks. They are eye-catching and quite a conversation piece without being overwhelming, even during a card game.

Simple and sleek

Not too many Chris Ramsey decks get my attention but this one is nice. Artistic enough to be beautiful but simple enough that you can still play with them and not throw everyone off.

Echo Mirage

These cards are absolutely beautiful. Of the three Memento Mori decks released so far, the art and color scheme on this latest NXS version appealed to me most. I love the color scheme, and the crystalline suit icons really make this deck stand out above others. Handling is nice, they fan great.

Latest version of the classic Memento Mori deck, with new colours and style

Artist Adrian Valenzuela has taken the popular Memento Mori deck to the next level, with what is effectively its third generation. The tuck box with its wrap-around skull design looks immediately familiar and yet different from its predecessors.

The card backs now have artwork that looks more obviously like traditional skulls. The design still does appear on opposite corners, however, giving possibilities for interesting visual effects with fans and springs.

The court cards consist of the familiar low-poly design emphasizing geometric patterns and colours. The artistic design here is identical to the original Memento Mori decks, but an adjusted colour scheme. While the original Memento Mori decks featured purples, blues, greens and yellows, this eliminates the greens and yellows and just has purples and blues.

The two Jokers are quite striking, both picturing an hour glass, which fits of course with the deck's theme about mortality. There's also two gaff cards, a double backer, and a split card.

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