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The Dead Man's Deck v2 Playing Cards Cartamundi

$14.99 USD
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The Dead Man's Deck v2 Playing Cards Cartamundi

$14.99 USD

The Dead Man's Deck v2 Playing Cards

In 1876 legendary cowboy and gambler Wild Bill Hickok was playing cards in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. He was shot in the back before he could play his hand... and legend has it that he held Aces and Eights: The Dead Man's Hand.

We celebrate the legacy of Wild Bill Hickok and the gambling lore of the Wild West with The Dead Man's Deck. This beautiful deck is filled with details surrounding Wild Bill and his storied past. The deck's design is true to the time period, with an ornate, grey pattern and old-style faces. And of course, the Aces and Eights are, well, bloody.

The defining feature of this deck, though, is that it has a bullet hole shot right through the middle of it, along with a commemorative musket ball lodged in the hole. Every deck comes with this musket ball and a scorched bullet hole through the entire deck.

Printed by the Cartamundi on Slimline board with a B9 finish. Featuring a custom seal.

What other surprises will you find? What mystery will you uncover?

Deck is brand new, but is not in cello wrap, may have light shelf wear.

2021 Release


Customer Reviews

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A little correction

Not bad deck. Btw this deck is printed by Expert Playing Card co., the unharmed edition **was** printed by Cartamundi.

Second deck!

Quality is superb, as usual for Cartamundi. The story behind the deck is always a good conversation starter and the art really sets a mood for whatever game you're about to play. Don't lose the ball! That's why I'm ordering a second set. Going to keep this one sealed and not let the kids use it this time!

Fantastic Deck

The flavor and theme of the deck are amazing. All of the cards have a hole in the middle, and it comes with an actual musket ball! A great conversation starter and one of my favorite decks in my collection.

Quite a unique deck

This deck is such a joy to own. It is definitely a designed gimmick deck, but gimmick isn't what comes to mind when I opened it and hold it. I haven't shown it to a group of people without some form of exclamation about how interesting, cool, or different it is. I, personally, love the art on the faces with the blood splatter, burn marks, and general attention to detail.

Ray G
Great attention to detail.

A deck with all the bells & whistles. In my opinion it's not for daily use or magic (cause there's a hole in the middle). I bought it for a display deck & it does it's job very well.

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