Top 5 May Sellers & Best Chance to Get a Free Deck with Your Order

Top 5 May Sellers & Best Chance to Get a Free Deck with Your Order

Here they are:

5.  Air Deck Travel Playing Cards - Black, Red & White - A great deck for travel, currently very low in stock and it is uncertain if the deck will be made available again.

4.  Snake Oil Elixir Playing Cards USPCC - A new deck by one of our favorite artists, Randy Butterfield. A great theme with just enough customization and a full-bleed back.

3.  Sub Rosa Playing Cards USPCC - My favorite semi-custom deck of the year so far. A real beautiful all-purpose deck. If you haven't seen the video review, check it out on the product page now.

2.  David Blaine Stoics First Edition Playing Cards Stripper Deck EPCC - This deck turned out to be a stinker with quality control issues but the fan boys and collectors still gobbled them up. Sold out and will not be restocked.

1.  COPAG 310 Cartamundi - Blue & Red - Currently sold out, but will be back in stock soon, as they are currently in transit. Also they will be at a lower price! The hype is real for these decks and they may be the new standard for many card workers and enthusiasts. We will also have the trick and gaff decks in stock.


Now here are some hints to increase your chance of getting a free deck of cards on your next domestic order. Because the way the decks are packed in flat rate envelopes and boxes, you have the best chance of scoring a free deck if you order between 4-7 decks, 9-15 decks or over 16 decks. Remember this is no guarantee and applies for domestic orders only. For international orders we will sometimes include a free deck on orders with 13 - 15 decks or larger orders when space allows. The free decks are usually decks that have a slight dent or blemish or may be some of our overstock / overrun decks. Please don't request a free or specific deck or we may have to discontinue this surprise bonus.  Thanks!

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Eric on 2018,06,06

This top 5 list with your personal comments really make this feature an interesting read. I don’t think any other site does things like this. Agree with the DB Stoics and don’t blame you for not restocking a stinker. Amazing what a strong brand name can do for even a badly produced deck. No wonder they sold bricks at 50% off! They wouldn’t have gotten rid of it so fast.

Keep up the good work!

Richard on 2018,06,03

I love this feature, Will, it’s a fantastic idea to list your top selling decks on a monthly basis, because it really gives an idea of what is popular. I hope you will continue sharing a Top 5 at the end of each month. The “Sub Rosa” deck had escaped my attention until now, but it does look like a very functional and classy custom deck that is ideal for a wide range of uses.

Out of curiosity, how many sales would a deck need to have to make a Top 5 list like this, or is that confidential information?

Keep up the great work!

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