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COPAG 310 Cartamundi

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COPAG 310 Cartamundi

COPAG 310 Cartamundi

Available in blue and red, not sold as a set


COPAG 310 introduces the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for supreme handling and the ultimate flourish. Inspired by you. Developed in the pursuit of mastery. Made for players, cardists, and magicians. 


For over two years, COPAG 310 was developed by working closely together with expert players, cardists, and magicians. The exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH of the COPAG 310 deck ensures supreme handling and longevity. It has been developed specifically in the pursuit of the perfect sleight and the ultimate flourish. This finish is the result of intense R&D and more than 300 prototypes, tried and tested. This to create a deck ready to use straight out of the box. The soft but springy nature of the cards, and the smoothness of handling, lie in a carefully constructed balance between stock, coating, linen finish and cutting. Tailored to your needs. 


We could state 310 is bound to 3/10, the 3rd of October -- the first time TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH went into production. 
Some might think 310 has a reference to Ancient Greek numerology. 
Magicians might tell you 310 refers to 31/10, World Magic Day. 
But what does 310 mean to you? 

What's your story? 

Try COPAG 310 and feel the difference.

2018  Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
L. F. Antrider
B9 is Pretty Boss

I like the B9 linen stock and finish. These cards are definitely heavier and thicker than a lot of decks you may be used to including other Cartamundi decks, however there is room for control there. They are definitely sturdy and still smooth feeling, just not as springy as some other stocks. I bought the reds and I like the scrollwork and design as well. The court cards all have unique faces and the colors are a slightly different hue than the US standard cards that is nice. It's a very affordable marked deck as well.

They rival uspcc

This cards handled very well. I got a few to test them against bikes and I was surprised at how good they are. There are a few things about them that make them not as good as bicycles. But that is just because I am used to uspcc stock. Overall good deck. Would recommend

Ray G
Every day carry.

A great feeling, long lasting deck that's perfect for day to day use.

Handle Great

I love the way these feel and look- the backs are great, and the jokers are one of my favorite joker designs among any in my collection. It's definitely worth picking something up from Cartamundi, if nothing else just to try the linen finish, since it feels very unique.

Cool deck

This is neat deck, nice material for controlling the cards, and why buy one when you can buy two for $10?

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