Top 5 June Sellers & Unadvertised Special

Top 5 June Sellers & Unadvertised Special

What a great month for new decks in June, lots of stellar releases. Here are the items that cracked the top 5.

5. 1 Dozen Clear Plastic Boxes for Regular Sized Playing Cards in Tuck Case - An economical way to store and transport your decks.

4. Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red - An easy to read marked deck that includes 2 instructional videos to start using it right away.

3. Carat X1 Card Case - The best way to store and display your most valuable decks. A hard item to keep in stock so we have a large order coming in from sea freight later this month. Comes in different sizes as well and stay tuned for new sizes being released soon.

2. COPAG 310 Cartamundi - Blue & Red - A return to the top 5 after being out of stock for a few weeks. A great handling deck, but a bit too thick in my opinion, as I still prefer USPCC. Glad to see Cartamundi innovating and having them come out with lots of great new releases.

1. ARRCO Playing Cards USPCC - Blue & Red - A recent reprint of a classic that is almost sold-out. Incredible handling and performance. An excellent alternative to the standard Bicycle deck.

Do any of these Top 5 surprise you? What do you think will be in July's Top 5? Comment below.

Now for that unadvertised special:  This is for the month of July or while supplies last.  Get a Jumbo Index Blue Bee Deck for $.99 on any order.  Offer is presented at check out only and limited to 6 per customer per order. We are over stocked on these decks and wanted to pass on a great deal to our customers. These are excellent all purpose decks.

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