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ARRCO Playing Cards USPCC

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ARRCO Playing Cards USPCC

ARRCO Playing Cards USPCC 

Sold as a set and individually

Arrco playing cards were first printed by the Arrco Playing Card Company in Chicago, Illinois (named Arrow Playing Card Company 1920s-35). The company was acquired by the USPCC in 1987. The last version of the ARRCO deck was printed in 2011. With special permission from USPCC we are pleased to offer you this limited edition reprint. Outstanding look, feel and handling; a true workers deck for the cardist and magician. Over half the decks were already pre-sold at the time of printing.

ARRCO playing cards are highly sought after by magicians and players alike as well as collectors for their unique history and limited availability. All the elements of the cards have remained the same, we have added some gaff cards and slightly modified the tuck case; to fit the new USPCC templates and legal requirements, added reveals on the tab and modified copy on one side and the bottom. Joker's state "Plastic Coated" but these new versions are not and have the USPCC "Magic Finish."

Deck Features:

  • Comes in Blue & Red
  • Printed by USPCC in USA
  • Classic Stock
  • Embossed Finish
  • Traditional Cut
  • Standard ARRCO Faces
  • 2 Jokers & 2 Gaff Cards
  • USPCC Tuck Seals
  • Tuck Case Tab Reveal
  • Limited Print Run of 2,500 Each
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phil Dennis
New discovery review for red Arrco deck

Recent discovery regarding red deck "bells and whistles"

I don't know if this was a misprint but the red deck has two extra one way face court cards. Note that the QC is a one way face in both red and blue decks. The KH and JH in the red deck are also one way faces. The J is more obvious than the K. Take a look!

Useful for "The Reversed Court Card" on page 18 in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.

EndersGame Reviewer
Reprint of an iconic and practical classic deck

This is a set of playing cards with a long history, and has many enthusiastic devotees due to the admiration and popularity it has enjoyed, especially from many magicians. The ARRCO Playing Card Company started operations in 1927, under the name Arrow Playing Card Company, and soon became known for these signature red and blue decks, until they were eventually discontinued by USPCC after they took over the brand in 1987.

These reprints are very close to the original designs, including the classic and beloved card backs these decks are known for. It's far more detailed and complex than most back designs. The card faces have a traditional look, but the court cards do have a slightly different design than a standard Bicycle rider-back deck - in fact I prefer these courts. The pips also have a different shape than normal.

The red deck has a double facer and red double backer, while the blue deck has a blank facer and a red/blue double backer, so magicians will want to get both decks for a full gaff set.

For good handling, these decks have an embossing air cushion finish, with a traditional cut, and the usual smooth performance you'd expect from a USPCC produced deck. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

Phil Dennis
Conjurer's Dream Deck!

Buy these decks for everything David points out in the video review! I would add that you should buy not just one of each color but two of each color as that will supply you with duplicate cards for extra sneakiness and also be useful for two deck routines that require two decks of the same color. Then maybe buy a couple of spare decks too! This deck is a limited run and already down to under 1250 so grab them while you can!

I hope Playing Card Decks will keep these in print! Keep up the good work!

Excellent Arrco Decks

Extremely nice handling, these feel broken in staight out of the box! Effortless farrows, springs fans etc! Of coarse always perfection from the PCD team!

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