September Top 5 Best Selling Decks

September Top 5 Best Selling Decks

Only 1 deck maintained their top 5 status from last month. These are all great decks, which one do you like best?

5. Red Super Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards - The blue version of this deck is now completely sold out, but you still have a chance to pick up a copy of the red.

4. Ghost White Bicycle Playing Cards Deck - An older release from ellusionist that still continues to sell very well.

3. House Blend Bicycle Playing Cards - A newer popular deck that sold very well during a recent promotion.

2. Cherry Casino Reno Red Playing Cards USPCC - The most popular new deck of September. Past versions of this deck have sold out quickly.

1. Regalia White Gold Luxury Playing Cards Cartamundi - Last month's #2 seller. Shin Lim won AGT this recent season and to celebrate that fact we ran a promo on this deck that resulted in them selling them out very quickly.

What will be on next months Top 5?  Make sure to subscribe to our news letter or check back next month to find out.


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