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Red Super Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards

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Red Super Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards

This unusual deck is an excellent companion for any card magician. 
It contains 56 cards, and each one is different. The picture with this listing shows a selected sample of the cards.

Some cards have only subtle differences from the ones found in a standard deck, while others are outrageous -- double prints, crazy court cards, misplaced pips, missing heads and much more. You'll love the variety. 

This deck includes many of the favorite cards from the first version, plus about a dozen new designs. (Version 1 was completely sold out!) These decks are not available for sale in most worldwide markets. The Super Gaff Deck is a Bicycle-branded deck printed with Bike's traditional Air Cushion Finish. 

2015 Release.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
If yur into gaffs

This is the best box of them out there IMHO
Lots o fun.

Great Gaff Cards

The Red Super Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards are a great addition to your magic tool box for some amazing effects.

Mauricio Moura
Great gaff collection!

Very useful!

Perfect gaff collection for magicians

1st Magic Studio produced the first version of this deck in 2014, but after it went out of print, they produced this 2nd edition. It has many favorites from the first version, plus about a dozen new designs.

This gaff deck is available with either red or blue backed cards, both with the usual quality air cushion finish from USPCC's Bicycle brand. Containing 56 different cards altogether, it is a very diverse collection.

Some cards are only slightly different from regular playing cards, whereas others can be truly described as "outrageous", including cards with "double prints, crazy court cards, misplaced pips, missing heads and much more." There's double-headed queens and headless queens, as well as a 21 of Spades, and the classic 52 in 1 card. There's certainly a huge amount of variety in this deck, unlike some other gaffed decks I've seen.

The Super Gaff deck doesn't come with a DVD or online video tutorials. To some extent that's to be expected, because it's not a collection of packet tricks, a much larger collection with many individual cards, and it will be up to the performer himself to come up with ways to use these.

While this gaff deck isn't suitable for an absolute beginner, if you can master some basic card sleights, it won't be hard to think of applications with the gaff cards included. Considering the wide selection it includes, and the amount of fun you can have with it, it is an excellent value product. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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