July Top 5 Playing Cards Sold & New B-Day Special

Posted by Will Roya on

Surprisingly only one of the decks on this months list is a newer release. Here are our top 5 best sellers in July:

5. Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red - Maybe the easiest to read marked deck ever made and also handles incredibly well.

4. Super Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red - A great selection of gaff cards that magicians of all skill levels can use.

3. Memento Mori Playing Cards USPCC - Original & Blue - A minimalist cardistry or workers deck created by the popular influencer Chris Ramsay.

2. Regalia White Gold Luxury Playing Cards Cartamundi - A newer release with beautiful gold foil back in a custom case created by the amazing Shin Lim.

1. Monarchs Standard Blue Playing Cards Deck USPCC - Possibly one of the best selling decks of all time produced theory11 and featured in the block buster hit "Now You See Me."

What will be on next months Top 5?  Make sure to subscribe to our news letter or check back next month to find out.

And lastly make sure to email us your birthday (day and month) so we can add it to your account, so we can send you a special offer when it rolls around.  Please email tiffany@playingcarddecks.com


  • Thanks Ryan, I fixed the spelling. Lots of working decks this month.

    Will on

  • Hahah if Mr Ramsay saw this, he might mention that you’ve spelled his surname wrong.

    Seems like the most popular ones are “working” decks

    Ryan on

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