August Top 5 Playing Cards Sold

August Top 5 Playing Cards Sold

Blue Monarchs and the White Regalias maintained their #1 & #2 spot. The other decks on last months list were edged out by one of our clearance sale items, a brand new release and one of favorite newer releases that has been getting a lot of love recently.

5. Honeybee Elite Playing Cards USPCC - Blue & Red - As soon as I received this deck and handled them I predicted it would would be a top seller, especially at the low price point. A great workers deck with a full bleed back.

4. Strigiformes Owl Bicycle Playing Cards - One of the best selling Bicycle decks of the year so far. Getting great reviews and lots of attention online. Could sell out by the end of the year if its sales trend continues.

3. Crimson Luxe Red Bicycle Playing Cards Deck - Recently put on sale for a limited time, this foil back deck was able to reach our #3 spot.

2. Regalia White Gold Luxury Playing Cards Cartamundi - A newer release with beautiful gold foil back in a custom case created by the amazing Shin Lim, now in the finals of America's Got Talent. We were able to get a large supply of these decks, but they are selling quick and they will not be reprinted! 

1. Monarchs Standard Blue Playing Cards Deck USPCC - Possibly one of the best selling decks of all time produced by theory11 and featured in the block buster hit "Now You See Me." Only stayed in the #1 spot by a few sales this month.

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Tiffany Sands on 2018,09,07

@EndersGame Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the Black Regalia decks will be back in stock.

EndersGame on 2018,09,07

I love the Strigiformes Owl deck. A worthy deck to make this list, and definitely one of my recent favorites!

I’m looking forward to check out the Honeybee Elites – they should be arriving soon as part of my latest order.

Will the original black Regalia decks ever be coming back in stock?

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