4 Kinds of Specialty Playing Card Decks That Make Excellent Gifts

4 Kinds of Specialty Playing Card Decks That Make Excellent Gifts

Most people only think about buying playing cards when they're planning an evening of games with their friends. However, just buying playing card decks in this situation means you're missing out on opportunities to give amazing gifts to your friends and loved ones. Playing card decks throughout the ages have been lauded for beautiful designs, and the same is true today. Here are four kinds of specialty playing card decks that make excellent inexpensive gifts, with some specific examples from each genre.

Decks that Cater to Special Interests

Most playing cards are relatively simple and generic. They include the card value and a visual representation of that value in the center. You can buy playing card decks that have specialized imagery in the center to appeal to people with special interests. For example, PlayingCardDecks.com has an Old Time Christmas Angels Playing Cards set where every card has a different image of an angelic scene. We also have a Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Playing Cards set that has a little nursery rhyme and related image in the center. And for book lovers, the American Authors Playing Cards set is a good gift idea, as each card features a different writer. The recipient doesn’t have to play poker with these decks (though they could if they wanted to). These cards can be used as part of the decor.

Decks for Women

If you search for playing card decks that feature women, you’re going to find a lot of sets that aren’t exactly suitable for work (or children). However, PlayingCardDecks.com has some sets that are perfect for extolling the contributions of women through history. We have a deck centered on Notable Black Women in American History, which is 52 cards with information about the accomplishments of black women that many people wouldn’t know. We also have an equally informative deck with Famous Women of the Civil War and another with American Women Authors.

Decks for History Buffs

If you're tired of your history buff friend boring you with the same facts about the history of playing cards, we have some decks that will give them something new to talk about. PlayingCardDecks.com has several sets that feature imagery and information from specific periods in history. These can be used as part of a display on that historical period, or a just a fun deviation from your standard deck. We have a pack featuring Arms & Armaments of the Civil War, another with Flags of the Civil War, as well as one with Buffalo Soldiers Playing Cards. No history buff can resist the temptation of a set of cards with dozens of factoids about their favorite historical period.

Decks For Lovers of the Old West

Though western movies aren't the box office draw of days past, many people around the world have a soft spot for the days of the Wild West. While they won't make the grade for any reenactments, PlayingDeckCards.com has sets that are perfect for people who love to learn about the Old West. Instead of the typical clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds that adorn the center of most cards, these decks have images and facts about the Old West. Check out packs such as the Frontiersmen of the Old West Playing Cards Deck, the Outlaws of the Old West Playing Card Deck, or the Indian Chiefs of the Old West Playing Card Deck.


At PlayingCardsDeck.com, we have dozens of sets to suit the needs of any player, enthusiast, or collector. Send us a message online if you need any help finding a deck for the playing card lover in your life.

Last update date: 06/28/19

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