Outlaws of the Old West Playing Cards USGS

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Outlaws of the Old West Playing Cards

This fully illustrated playing card deck is part of U.S. Games Systems’ "Old West" series of card games.  This fact-filled deck features 13 different notorious outlaw individuals and gangs: The Wild Bunch (including Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kids); Black Jack Ketchum; Ned Christie; Tom Horn; Bill Doolin; Sam Bass; Cherokee Bill; John Wesley Hardin; The Dalton Brothers; The Younger Brothers; Billy the Kid; Belle Starr; and The James Boys.

For each Outlaw, there are four cards (a book) with biographical information and historical facts. There are also instructions for playing an Authors-style card game, wherein players collect cards to complete four-card books by calling for cards from other players. The player with the most books wins. This 52-card deck is also suitable for many other traditional card games.

The bridge size playing cards are brand new and sealed in cello wrap but the outer box is not sealed and may show light wear.

Published by US Games Systems and printed in Italy.