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Zone Cardistry Playing Cards

ZONE originally meant "space", which exists both in the actual material world and in the virtual abstract description. Space makes things changeable. Because of the existence of space, things will move and infinite changes and possibilities can be created.

BOCOPO's latest work, ZONE Playing Cards, is a brand new space in the world of cardistry, which will bring you a different kind of feeling and more novel surprises. At the same time, it is also waiting for your imagination and creation with more amazing changes to it.

ZONE is especially designed for the cardists. Whether it is about the color chosen or pattern designed, it specially designed to maximized the cardistry performance. The two-way opening Card Box specially designed once again breaks your imagination, breaking through the conventional thinking space and bringing the most fashionable colors to the cardistry.

As another chic design, the ZONE's Box Design uses an unprecedented two-way open box.The special box-opening method makes the shape of the whole box more full and three-dimensional, with the angular appearance setting against the bright color. Thus you can find its uniqueness and personality at the first sight. 

2018 Release

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