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Zeus Card Trick

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Zeus Card Trick

Zeus Card Trick

Available in 2 version:
  • FADE version: With Fade, a blank card visually prints itself, going from completely blank, to half printed, to fully printed in slow, controllable stages.
  • MORPH version: With Morph, a card visually morphs from one card to another. We've made sure the cards are heavily contrasted (red to black) to allow for the most striking visual possible.

    The most visual color change ever created. If a real wizard could make a color change, it would look exactly this good. No fast finger movements, just slow-motion visuals.

    Created by Les French Twins and handmade by Hondo himself, this is Zeus.

    Zeus is a precision-engineered card gimmick like no other. It doesn't just change once, or twice, it changes three times, so it allows for an ultra-visual FADE or MORPH of a card.

    Each precision-gimmick is made on Red Bicycle Rider back by the undisputed King of gimmicks in this genre, Hondo Chen. Zeus takes him over 1 and a half hours to produce each gimmick to perfection.

    Then, with streaming video instructions that come with each package, Les French Twins will slowly guide you through the perfect way to carry, perform and maintain your Zeus gimmick.

    If Les French Twins are proof of anything, it's that more of a good thing is never a bad idea. Zeus' triple changing, locking card gaff is a monumental leap forward in the plot of color changes. It has no competition.

    The best part?... It requires zero sleight-of-hand.

    Get Zeus, while stocks last.

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