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XCB Carat Brick Box

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XCB Carat Brick Box


Available as a single unit or discounted 10 pack.

Please note: You may need a blade to help remove the inner layer of plastic protecting the viewing window.

Are you ready for a “new view” on how playing cards are stored? Carat Case Creations presents the Carat XCB Cardboard Brick w/ Viewing Window, an elegant, yet affordable storage solution for your playing card collection.
The Carat XCB is made of sturdy three-ply construction, with a 350gsm paper matte lamination outer layer, B9 corrugated cardboard middle layer and a 250gsm paper gloss lamination inner layer. The lid has a 21cm x 6.5cm clear 1mm acrylic window to allow for a full view of the decks inside while maintaining stability of the lid, securely protecting the decks inside.
The Carat XCB is extremely light, weighing around 120g or 4.25 oz. and comes unfolded to make it easy to ship. Once ready to use, simply fold the flaps together to create the brick box.
For storage, it is sturdy enough to be able to stack on top of each other when fully loaded with decks and can easily be stacked up to 5-6 boxes high without any of crushing the boxes or the decks inside.
With the Carat XCB, you no longer need to open up a dozen boxes before finding the deck you are searching for, you’ll be able to find it in a glance!
Carat Card Cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors and designers. Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers to create custom cases, including, Buttefly Playing Cards, Rick Davidson, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries and Vanda Playing Cards.
* Made of 3-ply paper / cardboard and 1mm clear acrylic to provide a sturdy construction to store and protect your decks
* Lightweight and can be unfolded flat
* Simple and fast assembly
* Stackable
* Points to Note
* There is a protective film on the inside of the lid on the acrylic plate
* It is best to pre-fold all tabs inward before assembling the brick box
* Materials Used
o 3-ply paper / cardboard
* Black Outer Layer –350gsm w/matte laminate
* Middle Layer - B9 corrugated cardboard
* Grey Inner Layer - 250gsm w/gloss laminate
o 1mm clear acrylic plate
* Weight – 120g
* Dimensions (unfolded):
o 54cm x 42.5cm x 0.2cm
* Dimensions (folded):
o Internal – 22.5cm x 9.5cm x 7.2cm
o External – 23.5cm x 10.0cm x 7.7cm

Playing cards not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Лучшие решение для хранения карт.

На данный момент это самое оптимальное решение для хранения карт , достаточный обзор и приемлемая цена , что самое главное!
Другие варианты для хранения мне не очень понравились , а этот почти идеален.

Great Storage Space

This is just about what I was looking for to store my expanding collection. It's relatively cheap but good enough quality. Not everything needs to be stored and displayed in an acrylic case. I tend to order one every few orders.

Jennifer Frey
Just what I was looking for

I am very satisfied with these boxes. They are very sturdy, and I'm sure they will last a very, very long time. Although, the tops aren't very clear. One of them is all scratched up on the top. I will buy more as needed.

EndersGame Reviewer
I'll be getting more!

I was quite impressed with this. Brick boxes are very convenient storage devices for a dozen decks, but you typically can't see what's inside. The Carat XCB brick box solves that problem by adding a convenient transparent viewing window, through which you can see the decks inside. It's glued to the inside of the top of the box, and is made of thin (1mm) transparent acrylic. I often use brick boxes to store my playing cards, but usually they are just the flimsy boxes used for shipping larger orders of decks. They don't typically stand up to much wear, and aren't very sturdy. In contrast this brick box is a much stronger design, being made of reasonably thick cardboard. This means that you can easily stack a number of these boxes on top of each other with decks inside, without fear of the cardboard walls collapsing and crushing your precious decks.


Perfect boxes for storing and organizing your collection! Box comes unfolded, but easy to assemble. Carat display is protected with plastic. Bought 3 so far, probably will get more in the future!

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