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World Tour 5 Deck Set Playing Cards EPCC

$49.99 USD
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World Tour 5 Deck Set Playing Cards EPCC

$49.99 USD

World Tour 5 Deck Set

The decks themselves are gorgeous, with iconography and hidden elements from the countries, culture, and time they come from. All printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, the cards have a durable, smooth finish ideal for shift work, gambling material, and sleights. Each deck has an extremely limited run of 1500 decks, and no more World Tour Deck Sets will ever be printed. 

About the Decks: 
Mongolia: This is everyone's favorite design. Modelled after a "Peace" symbol we located on a piece of antique Mongolian furniture, this deck's simplicity and color palette have made it a favorite amongst collectors, and the most requested back design Vanishing Inc. have ever created.

Egypt: This back design is understated and two-color, with appearances by camels and the great pyramids. It is quite similar to card designs one would see on caravan rides that transported the earliest Egyptologists from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings. 

Switzerland: Inspired by the iconic travel posters around 1902, this retro-back design advertises the Swiss alps, in saturated colors and bold text, alluring the beholder to explore the treacherous but beautiful scenery Switzerland offers.

China: This unusual deck boasts a back design that isn't a design at all. Instead, when all the cards are arranged in new deck order, in a grid, they create a mosaic of the Chinese character for Mystery. 

France: The box is the main feature on this deck, with silver foil and a classic art deco design. The cards have a simple floral pattern that is neither flashy nor boring, but would blend in the sort of turn-of-the-century cafe magicians and card players would patronize during the period.

Decks also available separately.

Customer Reviews

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Great set!

This is an almost perfect set. I really enjoy the nuances of unique "country" decks. Each design is unique and highlights features of their respective countries that really make it a great collector's deck. A really cool feature is that having these tuck cases aligned in a particular order shows a section of the global map. My only criticism is the handling of these cards. Personally, I don't care where or which printer cards are manufactured as long as they handle well. That being said, these decks handle just okay, I can't handle these cards as well as those manufactured by USPCC. Although it's a minor gripe, it's still something to consider.

Terry Quan Chi Dung
World Class !

Its like travelling the world just by using / looking at these cards.

Love the handling and the map when the whole set is put together, look even better when it is in a collector box set

Nice set - Great Idea

This set is a nice way of getting each of these individually available world-tour decks in one fell swoop. They really look great together in my collection because of the way the spines line up to form the map. I likely would not have purchased a few of these on their own, so I was glad to be able to get the wholes set at a discount to the individual decks. The order of the spine map is: France, Switzerland, Egypt, Mongolia, and China

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