Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet Display

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Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet Display

Holds 15 of your favorite playing card decks.

A great way to display your decks of cards and to find the one you need! 

As a card magician or cardist,we always have many playing cards on our table -- the practice decks, gimmick decks, collection decks and more. But the table is in chaos. 

So we designed the Playing Cards Cabinet to keep your decks in order. But more than that. 

Made by North American Black Walnut 

As the most popular high-grade furniture material, black walnut is not only high quality, but also the symbol of high status. 

That is why the Louvre of Europe, Versailles Palace, Buckingham Palace, and in other palaces of royal family aristocracy, antique furniture is mostly made of American black walnut. 

In a way, this cabinet will be a mini luxury piece of furniture in your house. 

Perfect Detail 

Its semi-enclosed design allows you to locate your playing cards easily. You can remove the decks of cards more conveniently because of the cabinet's scientific dimension design. The corners are polished carefully, and the handle is smooth and delicate.

Playing cards not included.

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