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Wild West Black Playing Cards USPCC

$4.99 USD
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Wild West Black Playing Cards USPCC

$4.99 USD

Wild West Black Playing Cards

A June 2018 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

A fun deck of Wild West themed playing cards by USPCC. 100% custom design, limited edition. 

  • Made in USA
  • Two Way Back Design
  • Black Back Border
  • Embossed Finish
  • 12 Unique Court Cards
  • 52 Cards + 4 Jokers
  • Black USPCC Tuck Seal 

2017 release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth Nissen
Only the Jokers

Bought this deck only for the jokers, which are lots of fun. The court cards uninteresting. Really dislike the back. Kept 2 jokers and gave the deck away as fast as I could


Я не фанат дикого запада , но на фоне стандартных колод , и всяких неудачных современных колод , эта выглядит весьма замечательно, минимализм очень уместен. Для разнообразия в коллекции нужная колода...

Steven Hansen
My opinion

Disappointed with the tuck box artwork as well as the Court card artwork. A little too cartoonish for me. Would make a good deck to play with the kids, I suppose. The number cards a basically standard, but you do get four Joker cards.

Craig McDowell
"I'm your huckleberry"

This is a great deck for anyone enthralled with our nations history of the cowboys and wild west. The artwork is awesome and the look and feel of the cards even cooler.

Wild west royalty represent the court cards. Johnny Ringo. Belle Starr. Doc Holliday represent the diamond court cards. Jesse James. Annie Oakley. Bat Masterson for the spades. Black Bart. Calamity Jane. Wyatt Earp for the clubs. Billy the Kid. Pearl Hart. Wild Bill Hickock for the hearts.

The jokers are fantastic too! And you get 4 of them!

"Regulators! Mount up!"

Good Wild Western theme

I picked this up on a whim as a gift, because it was so cheap. The card backs are black bordered, so they will show signs of wear over time. But the artwork features all Western imagery: horses, stars, badges, bullets, guns. The four matching Jokers are all fun Jail cards, but the best cards are the court cards, which have well known characters like Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Black Bart, Wild Bill Hickock, and more, so it looks very customized. The number cards are fairly standard but look a bit larger and have a slightly vintage feel about them to fit with the theme.

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