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Vizago Playing Cards LPCC

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Vizago Playing Cards LPCC

Vizago Playing Cards

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VIZA?O is a vibrant and fully custom illustrated deck of playing cards, celebrating colorful faces and traditional art mediums.    

Influenced by wood-cut and line-drawing techniques, the original artwork features stunning faces on every card, where distinct color palettes frame the four suits and bring the deck together.

The two color versions Lumina (red) and Lumino (blue) are a name-play on light vs dark. Both decks have identical card faces, giving card backs and tuck boxes their moment to shine...   

VIZA?O is all about celebrating the joy of cards, whether treasured for play or to put on display.

Deck Features:
  •         Printed by LPCC on Classic Finish
  •         Poker Size
  •         Embossed
  •         52 Cards + 2 Jokers
  •         Limited Edition of 1200 Each
  •         100% Custom Original Art
  •         Interior Tuck Printing
  • ·       2017 Release

Customer Reviews

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EndersGame Reviewer
Playing cards with faces!

Annette Abolins is the artist behind VIZAGO Playing Cards. She is fascinated by faces, and has always loved drawing and painting them in all shapes and forms on her pottery and other work. And because VIZAGO is Esperanto for "faces", she's applied this concept of faces to playing cards - with absolutely stunning results! There are two decks: VIZAGO Lumina is a deck with a red card back, while VIZAGO Lumino is a matching deck with a blue card back - both gorgeous.

Each suit has its own flavour and colour, with Hearts being red, the Diamonds having more of a green focus; the theme colour for the Spades is blue, and the Clubs feature purple and a touch of yellow. The Aces all have faces incorporated into the oversized pips. This concept has been applied to the number cards as well, so that these pips also have the face design inside them. Rounding out the package for both decks are a couple of cheerful and playful jokers.

The VIZAGO deck is a real artistic achievement, and I find it absolutely stunning! These cards have so much charm and character, and an immediately striking visual impact. It's very different from any other deck that I've ever seen, and yet it works because the deck as a whole has an internal consistency of style. I'm glad to see a true artist applying her skills to the world of playing cards! - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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