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Vision White Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD
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Vision White Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD

These Bicycle White Vision playing cards were  printed  by U.S. Playing Card Co. for Lawrence and Priscilla Khong, the famed father-daughter performance magic duo from Singapore. 

Only 2,500 White Vision decks were produced. They have been in high demand since they were made available in March 2012. An earlier deck, made to honor Lawrence and Priscilla's "Vision" performance, was called Black Vision, and sold out quickly. 

The cards have standard Bicycle faces, with custom jokers and ace of spades. The have Bicycle's Air Cushion finish and magic coating. The deck contains 52 cards, two jokers, one double-back card (White Vision on one side, Black Vision on the other) and an ad card.

2012 Release.

Customer Reviews

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This deck has a bit of everything that catches the eye. The back design is sleek without the use of a lot of color. The jokers are really neat. Standard pips make them easy to read.

David Niederauer

Enchanting in that when one fans through the backs of the cards it is hard to look away. The art on the backs is clean and complicated at the same time. They look like they’re flying, spinning, and expanding at the same time. A custom Ace of Spades is nice and easily recognized. A custom joker has an AH reveal on it. All the pips are Standard (which is a good thing especially for magic). There is also one “double-back” Card for magic. USPCC Bicycle branded assures top notch quality. nice clean tuck that has printed on one side: “Seeing is Just the Beginning”.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

The cards have standard pips, with custom jokers and ace of spades. Sleek and clean tuck box.

Ekrem E.

The colors are hypnotizing. I like to look at them.

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