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Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget v2 Yellow Playing Cards EPCC

$11.99 USD
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Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget v2 Yellow Playing Cards EPCC

$11.99 USD

Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget v2 Yellow Playing Cards

Yellow often represents happiness, courage, self-confidence and creativity.

To celebrate Jerry's Nugget's 50th anniversary, Jerry's Nuggets are have captured these characteristics in Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards.

The LIMITED Vintage Feel paper, the traditional cut, and the exclusive JN FINISH will make you swear it is one of the original decks.

Perfect for magicians, cardists and collectors, the classic Jerry Nugget design contrasts perfectly against the energetic YELLOW back design.

They are smooth yet snappy...once in your hands you will NOT be able to put them down.

Jamming with friends, showing off a collection, or performing a new move; Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards are bound to be part of your next creative endeavor.

The collaboration with Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) and Jerry's Nugget Las Vegas; Murphy's Magic is excited to release the Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards.

The world's most iconic deck of cards ever to be created. Now Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards!


In 1970, Jerry's Nugget Casino printed what would become one of the most collectible playing card decks ever manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). They made them for the tables but opted not to use them and put them in storage for 20 years! Playing card expert, Lee Asher, recognized the unique quality and feel of these cards and began evangelizing about them. In due course, Jerry's Nugget playing cards became legendary.

By the fall of 1999, these cards sold out, yet the demand continued to grow. Today, authentic Jerry's Nugget cards are among the most desirable and expensive modern decks on the market.


  • Vintage Feel edition printed by EPCC
  • Traditionally cut
  • Featuring the traditional long tongue flap, red tear strip, and the off-center tax stamp seal
  • Original back and face design, including the original Jokers and Ace of Spades
  • Printed EPCC's JN Finish - the closest feel to the original Jerry's!
  • Priced low so that Jerry's can be your everyday carry
  • 2020 Release

Produced by Expert Playing Card Company overseas, these Vintage Feel decks feature our famous JN FINISH! JN Finish is a firmer card stock. We believe these cards will be as close to the originals as anyone has been able to achieve! We've also managed to replicate the off-center seal, the iconic red tear strip, AND the popular long tongue-flap! As noted, the bottom of the tuck, they will be clearly marked so these decks cannot be confused with the original 1970 decks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Your cousin Mario
Spoiler Alert

After using these for one a week, the best I can compare these to are the BCG decks. Yes, the knock-off BEE deck from the dollar store. The ink on the red and blue decks started rubbing off becoming visible on the faces. I realize the finish is meant for packet cutting, but the quality of these is very poor. Fortunately, the modern feel decks have held up very well after rough use and are the perfect alternative if not "plan A" if i were buying other Jnuggs

Takes you back!

Now this may not feel as great as "modern feel" or modern finish decks, but what can you expect when you order a VINTAGE feel deck. That being said, it definitely feels good (almost like a smooth finish) and handles well. The yellow back design definitely pops and stands out. I love that they tried to make it as authentic as possible evidenced by the feel of the cards, the large tongue flap and even the off center seal on the back of the cards. Just Excellent!

Jonathan D Meadows
This colorway is awesome!

My 2nd favorite color of this deck. My only gripe is that they didn't accurately reproduce the tongue-flap. It's still much shorter than the original. Other than that, theres not much I can add that hasnt been said by others.

Justin H
awesome deck

You don’t see many yellow decks, so these stand out. They feel amazing.

Awesome color

This is my favorite color variation of the Jerry's nuggets reprint yet! Awesome, bright color variation.

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