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VIEWS Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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VIEWS Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

VIEWS Playing Cards

VIEWS Playing Cards is a luxury, illusion-themed deck of cards created for cardists and magicians alike. 
Manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company. Traditionally-cut and printed on crushed Bee® stock, a dream feel for any card handler. 

No expense was spared to create this unique deck of cards. The box is crafted out of a synthetic soft-touch paper for a unique luxury feel. It is surrounded by the mind-bending illusion hot-stamped in white and mint foil. "VIEWS PLAYING CARDS" is embossed and hot-stamped with gold and white foil. 

The cards are designed from scratch and 100% custom. The back design features the motion-like bending VIEWS dots with a mint undertone to create the illusion. The face cards have custom pips, and the courts have Pantone metallic inks. 

Designed by Yves Krähenbühl 

This deck is a limited edition -- only 10,000 decks will be printed. After they sell out, they will never be printed again.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shannon Horst
Nice deck

Overall a very nice deck that handles well. They look interesting and they fan nicely.
Not the best cards I’ve seen but definitely worth adding to your collection

Jacob Brewer
Good grab bag

Got this out of a random grab bag, super happy! I wouldn't have bought these otherwise, but I love them!

Идеальный минимализм.

Смотрите видео ! Очень хорошо , в отличии от новомодных дорогущих колод , здесь что ожидал то и получил , да ещë по акции !!!Оцениваю 9.5/10 Рекомендую !!!

P. W. Dennis
A Deck of A Different Sort

I got this as a mystery deck. Yet another plug for the value of the mystery decks!

The deck comes with two differently colored jokers (otherwise the same), a blank face and a double backer.

The backs are of the optical illusion variety, The courts are minimalistic. Reminds me faintly of artist Malevich.

Cards yielded a perfect faro even for a faro noob as myself.

Tuck case is sturdy.

I like it.

Shannon Horst
Unique and Almost Minimal

I recently got this deck and was immediately impressed with the "optical illusion-like" card backs. As you move your eye around the card back, you try and catch up to all the shapes and colors your eye thinks it sees. The custom court cards, are designed in a somewhat minimal design with a nice use of color. It is sort of humorous that the faces of these card look annoyed with you (you'll see what I mean when you handle them) This is not a fault in my opinion. Overall I would suggest you buy these if you can. Only 10,000 printed A+

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