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Venexiana Dark Playing Cards EPCC - Masked & Revealed

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Venexiana Dark Playing Cards EPCC - Masked & Revealed

Venexiana Dark Playing Cards

Available in 2 editions.

A fascinating journey into the dark! 

A full year after the first Venexiana playing card deck, the story continues with a travel to the dark heart of 18th century Venice. Venexiana Dark features a series of obscure and marginal characters who complete the picture of this haunting city. Thieves, assassins, prostitutes, wicked noblemen and masters of deception are all on board in this imaginary gondola. Hop in and follow the journey to the unknown through the narrow canals of Venice. 

Venexiana Dark is in fact two different decks: The "Masked" and the "Revealed" editions, with the first one featuring the courts wearing masks, while the second has the courts unmasked and their faces revealed! 

  • Venexiana Dark is a limited edition and will be printed only once and never again
  • Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company
  • 54 cards
  • Poker size
  • Master finish
  • High precision "Diamond Cut"
  • Foil and embossing on both tuck cases
  • Numbered seal on each deck
  • Metallic inks on both sides of the cards (faces and back)
2015 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Lee
This need to be bought in a set

Make sure you get both decks. In pure art style, this is one of Lotrek's best. Excellent artwork all around. Dark muted colours emphasize the 'Dark' theme. Lotrek created the Mask and Revealed theme very well here. So be sure to open both decks and study the courts side by side to get the most out of this deck! (Warning, the Revealed deck has a few courts being PG-13 rated. So don't show this to your young kids!)

EndersGame Reviewer
A lavish deck for collectors from master designer Lotrek

Created by popular Greek designer Lotrek, this is a sequel to the original VeneXiana deck that captured something of the elegance and joy of 18th century Venice, including carnival costumes for the court cards. The Dark VeneXiana deck deals with the more obscure and dark side of the city.

The tuck box is primarily black, but even when in seedy territory, our Venetians remain stylish, and thus it is heavily decorated with a lavish gold and silver foil mask-inspired pattern. The silver Masked edition depicts all the court characters wearing masks, while the gold Revealed edition depicts the same characters without masks.

The court cards feature different characters from the world of Venice, with well-dressed Venetians engaged in a range of activities and wearing various costumes. Studying the artwork shows a variety of shenanigans going on that reflect the seedy side of life, including stabbings and poisonings. The borders are textured with a detailed design for added elegance and sophistication.

The cards themselves feature a strong use of metallic colours, with both the front and the back of the cards employing metallic inks. It's a lavish deck for collectors!

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