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Turbulence Playing Cards

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Turbulence Playing Cards

Turbulence Playing Cards

Available in 2 colors, not sold as a set

Turbulence Deck is produced by Bacon Playing Card Company. The designer is Miss Cindy's brand manager: Jerry Song.

The inspiration comes from the chaotic vortexes deep in the ocean, which represents a freedom, conflict and soul.

The back of the card seems to be chaotic, but it actually hides an order, and the dynamic and static feeling complement each other, just like the profound philosophy of Tai Chi.

The back of the card combined water droplets and water flow together as the basic elements, which cycling back and forth.

Two colors black and gold accompany each other, and every three deck cases could composed into an water graphic.

The card is available in two colors, black/gold. Each color is limited to 1,000 decks and comes with individually numbered sealing sticker.

Turbulence Deck uses black core paper imported from Germany, and uses BPCC's  technique Air S finish.

The most distinctive feature of the Air S pressing is that it will not increase the thickness of the card while increase the weight of the card, ensuring that the entire deck is thin & easy to handle and has the appropriate weight in the hand. (Compared with standard Bicycle 808)

Greater paper density make every each card more smoother, more flexible, and more durable.

2020 Release

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Cards for Cardistry

The Turbulence Playing Cards deck is really busy. The colors are bold and make the cards stand out, but wow! Makes your eyes go a little crazy. Good for cardistry if that is your thing.

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