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Trojan War Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards

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Trojan War Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards

$24.99 USD

Trojan War Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards

A fully custom deck based on the famous war from Greek mythology. The classical design features characters from the Trojan War on the court cards and aces. 2 information cards are included as the key to the characters and you could also use these cards as extra jokers or trump cards. Metallic inks on the cards and tuck case makes them a delight to handle for games, magic tricks, and cardistry. A great deck for any use or to just add to your collection.

K: Achilles
Q: Briseis (Achilles' Lover)
J: Patroclus (Achilles' Brother)
A: Hera

K: Hector
Q: Andromache (Hector's Wife)
J: Paris (Hector's younger brother)
A: Aphrodite

K: Agamemnon (Leader of Greek at Trojan War)
Q: Helen (Menelaus's wife)
J: Menelaus (Agamemnon's younger brother)
A: Athena

K: Priam (King of Troy)
Q: Hecuba (Queen of Troy/ Priam's wife)
J: Deiphobus (son of Priam, brother of Hector and Paris)
A: Apollo

Jokers are the Trojan Horse & Gates of Troy
Please note gilding may wear off with regular use
  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
  • Gilded Bronze
  • Traditional Cut
  • Standard Poker Size 
  • Air-Cushion Embossed Finish 
  • 52 Cards & 2 Jokers  
  • 2 Information Cards
  • Limited Edition of 300
  • Designed by Juniardi Satyanagara 
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • 2021 Release

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Троянская война .

Хорошая колода для любого использования или просто для добавления в вашу коллекцию. Позолота по краям на много улучшает дизайн этой колоды .

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