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Treble Clef Blue Marked Playing Cards JJPC

$14.99 USD
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Treble Clef Blue Marked Playing Cards JJPC

$14.99 USD

This Treble Clef is a custom deck of blue playing cards inspired by classical music. 

Treble Clef Playing Cards is functional, and all 52 cards are fully marked with suits and values. If you are a magician, then you would be able to find your spectator's card without seeing the face of the card. 

This deck is elegant and well-designed. On the back, it is filled with luxurious, white-detailed line art with classy, blue-colored background. 

The symmetry treble clef logo in the middle is absolutely stunning. 

On the face, the instrument players and the conductor exude feelings of an orchestra.

  • Designers: John Yohan Cho/JD14
  • Customized Ace of Spades, Court cards and Jokers
  • Marked deck
  • Printed by JJPC (Called WJPC in China)
  • Butter Finish
  • Limited edition (1000 decks)
  • 2018 Release

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