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Tragic Royalty Bicycle Playing Cards

$6.49 USD
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Tragic Royalty Bicycle Playing Cards

$6.49 USD

Tragic Royalty Bicycle Playing Cards

A deck of Bicycle playing cards with Tragic Faces design on Royalty Face Cards. Cards glow under black light. Really cool deck for collectors and performers.

Customer Reviews

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Frank Sumner
What a glow

It is amazing how easy these cards are to read in blacklight and normal light. Under blacklight the red on the back one front change to orange. It is brilliant

Court cards r hilarious

Nobody plays poker under black lights but if they did this would be the deck to use. Bicycle quality, very fun design especially under black light and like I said the court cards are very funny to me.

Shannon Horst
Quirky and Fun

This is a nice looking deck. The colors really work well with one another and the overall design is impressive. It seems to draw inspiration from Tim Burton, which is ok with me. It looks like my next purchase will be a blacklight so I can enjoy playing with these guys in the dark. I'd certianly recomend this deck to anyone!

Lorenzo Paniagua

Awesome deck if your into the whole horror decks. These feature rather spooky K,Q, and Js. The pips are custom but also easy to read. They also come with the feature of using them with a BLACKLIGHT. The ink used in the red pips allows you to use them in the dark as well.

Deck Me in the Face
Glowing Review

These handle great, look amazing, and are pretty much fully custom. Even without a black light, these are really fun to look at. I love the custom pips. The Tim Burton-esque art is almost macabre. The face cards are two-toned in a ying and yang fashion, with meme-like faces, all decked out with custom coloring and pips. Every court card face is completely unique. They're grotesque but not repulsive. The backs are standard Bicycle backs with red angels, black accents, and that bright slate gray background. These are standard USPCC stock, so they handle like butter.

The one thing that could be improved is the tuck box. It's like an ad box in that it's more text than any other Bicycle tuck box. It cheapens the look from the outside. Doesn't change the great quality, great looking deck within. This is the one deck I have that has everything translated into French. From context clues, it's because this deck was made specifically with Canada in mind. If this deck had less of the ad copy on it and a back that actually represented the backs, it would be augmented greatly.

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