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Totem Playing Cards USPCC

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Totem Playing Cards USPCC

Totem Playing Cards 

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Inspired by Chinese classical mythology of the miao nationality, a symbol of life. On behalf of good luck. 

These printed in USPCC, 3D display technology . 

The finished product is very beautiful. 

Totem deck information:
This deck is printed in USPCC. 
High Quality stock
Metal ink on tuck and face
2500 decks print for each edition 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not too shabby

Standard great quality of USPCC. The design is different but nice. Wish that the pop colors were a big more distinctive.

Kyle Stewart
Well Rounded cards

The Totem deck is awesome. It is a very smooth deck. There are only two things I do not like about the deck I received are the plastic like feel to the cards, and how dark colored the red suited cards are. In din light it is hard tell black suits from red suits. Other than that they are fantastic.

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