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Titans Robber Barons Playing Cards LPCC

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Titans Robber Barons Playing Cards LPCC

 Titans Robber Barons Playing Cards

Available as a set or individually

Introducing TITANS, The Robber Baron Edition. Titans are defined as "one that is gigantic in size or power: one that stands out for greatness of achievement." The men and women in this deck of cards were referred to as "Titans of Industry." For over three decades, the rise of new industries and technologies revolutionized the entire world. This made many men very wealthy and with their great achievements, came ruthless behavior and abuse of power. The capitalists of the late 19th century became known as "Robber Barons." 

"Business leaders from about 1865 to 1900 were, on the whole, a set of... rascals who habitually cheated and robbed investors and consumers, corrupted government, fought ruthlessly among themselves, and in general carried on predatory activities comparable to those of the robber barons of medieval Europe." 
- Hal Bridges 
The Kings and Jacks depict those who built empires through ruthless means, and the Queens are women who spent their life's energy to liberate those oppressed in many ways. It's a story of juxtaposition; misuse of power and strength from weakness, oppression, and liberation... This is Titans, these are the Robber Barons. 

  • Printed by the Legends Playing Card Co.
  • 55 Custom Cards
  • Each court, Ace and Joker card will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.
  • Unique Back design
  • The Cards will be printed on the Classic Finish, which is the highest quality card stock that Legends Playing Card Co. has to offer.
  • The Tucks will feature blue and copper foiling.
  • There will be a 55th card with all of the names of the individuals depicted in these decks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael D.
History while playing cards

I received one of these decks as a part of a mystery grab bag. These cards are a great way to share your knowledge and a piece of history with those you play cards with. They are also very nice cards in a beautiful box!

Intricate, ornate, beautiful

This was a surprise deck for me, but one I had been interested in (though I'd not read the backstory) prior to receiving it. If I had known how finely produced these are, I'd have ordered them as soon as I saw them.

Without having really read the description at first, I was a bit puzzled at the choice of queens not seeming to fit the the pattern or theme, but then I looked it up and understood what was done there. The tuck case is elaborate and one that almost seems like you should be wearing fancy gloves to handle. The illustrations are something to behold, and the cards feel quite nice.

Eric Lee
Titanic work

Jody's work here is excellent. The tuck and back designs are incredible with the foil and inks used. They capture the theme of this deck very well. The back design is one of the most intricate and detailed you'll find. Take your time to admire it. The courts are superbly done in Jody's inimitable style. He puts enough details that you can easily tell what these characters did to achieve their fame. As always, Jody's decks entertain while teaching you something in the process. 1 problem with the tucks are that the blue and black are so similar that it is difficult to tell them apart. You need strong direct light to know which is blue and which is black.

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