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Titanium Steel Blue v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD
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Titanium Steel Blue v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD

Titanium Steel Blue v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

A timeless, classic design - masterfully updated. We are now proud to offer the first ever METALLIC deck of Bicycle® playing cards.

Your favorite cards, fully optimized and transformed into something you have never seen before. Bicycle® playing cards have been the industry standard for over a century. Originally unveiled in the late 19th century, their reputation for quality and universal appeal is without equal. They have been and will continue to be the premiere choice for card enthusiasts around the world.

The Bicycle Titanium Edition v2 is a special edition series based on the traditional Rider Back design. It was our intention to remain as faithful as possible to the original design while using a proprietary blend of metallic inks.

The back design, the box, and even the court cards utilize metallic inks that radiate light in a subtle, elegant manner. The box has metallic foil on five sides, showcasing the original Rider Back design that you know and love.

The Bicycle Titanium Edition playing cards were printed at the United States Playing Card Company using the finest quality stock and finish. They feel smooth - not too rigid - right out of the box.

What's new in the v2? This new edition features embossed, raised lettering on the tuck case, and metallic foil accents.

2011 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sariah Bird
Love it

Basic design, which i always like. They handle and feel great, plus the color combination is eye catching.

Glad I bought extra

Just awesomeness.

Magic Mike
Gold Standard

USPCC back again with a classic deck but remastered. Fantastic cards and handle as perfect as one who has come to trust Bicycle can expect

Great Color

This is your typical Bicycle deck but it has an awesome Teal color. Being a USPCC deck, they feel great and do not clump for quite some time.


This is a great deck. The great pattern and the colors make them very eye catching. The deck feels great in your hand. They are very easy to handle. They look great during tricks. The stock is good. It is a good deck to have in your collection. I love the bold, cool, and unique patterns on the back. I love borderless decks. Having no borders makes them look sleeker, in my opinion. The box design is also good. The box makes them look very professional. I like the darker blues. Over all, the design is simple, but simple can be a good thing.

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