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Timeless Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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Timeless Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

Welcome to the Timeless Deck from RSVP.
Created by USPCC on Air Cushion Finish Bicycle Stock, these cards are truly stunning in every way and fantastic to handle and use.
Timeless is a fully customized deck based around the workings of clock mechanisms. 
Built into this very special deck are the following unique features:
Each custom designed court card depicts a different hour of the day and these have been printed in 'Chased' order allowing for some superb effects that are unique only to this deck. Ideas are limited only by your imagination.
Includes one custom designed Joker, a duplicate King of Diamonds with a different time feature that allows for the effect of moving a time to the predicted one, a duplicate Jack of Spades with a broken clock face and one double backer.
These cards are available in limited numbers.

2012 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
chris kinkead
story time

the custom face cards are awsome! the back design reminds me of the yin-yang. the tuck box has a unique feature as well.

Elizabeth Nissen
Like the design

The back design is detailed with clocks and gears... just up my alley. Great handling. The court cards are entirely custom and fun, but do not make for quick reading.

Scotty Matthews
Killer idea and theme

This deck caught my attention with the back design and court cards. However once I got it, I realized how many unique small details were added that can be used in countless ways in magic routines. The gaff cards add even more possibilities. It's probably the most inventive deck I've got so far. Plus it's cool to look at. Very aesthetically pleasing. I thoroughly enjoy it.


Это очень интересная тематическая колода карт .
Даже создаётся впечатление что это старинная колода .
Займёт достойное место в моей коллекции.

Timely theme

The back design alone seems a worthy reason for five stars. Also the standout court cards, the extra attention to chronological elements tied into the deck, and the overall care in the rendering of the theme make these fantastic cards.

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