Tie Dye Bicycle Playing Cards

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You are buying a new sealed rare deck of cards. Cards Feature a Tie Dye Designed Back that can be used in any standard 52 card game and even includes 2 Gaff cards to do a magic card trick called Million Dollar Monte.

The jokers are a Dove and a Patriotic colored Peace Sign, there is also a a piece sign on the center of the Ace of Spades and check out the pictures, look real close at the suicide King of Hearts which normally has him holding a knife thru his head, but this deck has something different instead of the knife, Check it out, very cool.  

Cards measure standard poker size 2.5" x 3.5" regular index and are made with High Quality Bicycle Playing Card Stock.  

I only have a limited supply of these and might not be ever produced again so if you are a collector please buy these early before they are gone.