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The Universe UFO Playing Cards MPC

$17.99 USD
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The Universe UFO Playing Cards MPC

$17.99 USD

The Universe UFO Playing Cards

Please note: this listing is for the UFO edition deck only.

There is nothing that makes humans more curious than the ultimate question: Are there other forms of life in this universe? The universe is like Pandora's Box; You can never predict what lies within the mystery. And that is what makes our universe so alluring and magical. Compared to the deep space, we are nowhere to compare its greatness.

The Universe Series communicates the mysterious and tranquil beauty of the universe through the medium of poker cards, made using high-end craftsmanship and high-tech visual design. The series comes in two editions: UFO and Spaceman. The details and style of each edition are different, following their individual themes.

  • Two unique editions: Spaceman & UFO
  • Colour changing tuck case with advanced printing technology
  • Thermosensitive tuck case material reacts to your body heat
  • Purple and blue foil details on the Spaceman tuck case
  • Orange and blue foil details on the UFO tuck case
  • Fully customized card back, court cards, and Jokers, etc
  • Unique sticker seal with exclusive designs
  • Produced by Jiken & Jathan
  • Printed by MPC with linen air-light stock & beta finish
  • Limited edition of 2000

In the cosmos, the beautiful astronomical wonders are infinite: the clusters of stars full of dazzling light, the ever-changing nebulae, the mysterious black holes, and the unknown galaxies that nurture new life.

You can feel the same magic the moment that you touch the deck. When your fingertips connect with the box, the original black background gives way to a vibrant mix of colours! The thermosensitive paper reacts to your body heat and changes into clouds of purple and green in the Spaceman version and blue and orange in UFO.

The magical effect of the patented thermal pigment is as unpredictable as the universe itself and gives you the feeling of meditative resonance with outer space. Feel the box and let yourself be amazed.

On the front box of the Spaceman edition, there is an astronaut's helmet drawn in silver metallic line, over a square of purple foil with the silhouette of a human skull in the middle of it. The line of text at the bottom commemorates the time when the first human astronaut Yuri Gagarin went into outer space. You can find a diamond shape in purple and green foil at the back of the box, reminiscent of a spaceship ready to be launched.

The UFO edition uses blue and orange as the main colours of the deck. At the front of the box, there is a silver line drawing of an unidentified flying object overlaying a metallic blue circular field with the outline of an alien head. The text below reminds us of the first UFO ever discovered. At the back of the box, there is an outline of a UFO seemingly flying at high speed in blue and orange metallic foil.

2021 Release

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