The Serpent White Playing Cards Cartamundi

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The Serpent White Playing Cards

The design originated from the desire to give extra meaning to a deck of cards when it is fanned or spread. Jason (founder of Deckidea) found the shape of a deck of fanned cards resembles a snake up really well. He used that as a concept, and 100+ hours of work later, "the Serpent" was born.

Features of the Serpent include:

  • Best back fanning design, great for flourishing
  • Stylish illustration for the Snake Enthusiasts & card collectors
  • Printed by Cartamundi (We will be printing our decks with Cartamundi TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH with Slimline paper stock.)
  • Highly collectible tuck box
  • Limited Edition of 550
  • 2020 Release

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