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The Planets: Saturn Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD
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The Planets: Saturn Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD

The Planets is a collection of card decks representing the planets in our solar system, starting closest to the sun and moving outwards into the surrounding universe. The sixth deck of this series is Saturn. This is the most luxurious Vanda deck series to date, with tuckbox features that include gold holographic foil, white foil, interior foiling, and embossing.

Saturn is considered to rule Capricorn, which is symbolized by the goat, hence the goat-like beings represented in the Saturn court cards. The Jacks allude to Saturn, and its Greek counterpart Cronus, being associated with the passing of time and relevance to the harvest seasons. Notice that the hats worn by the Jacks are shaped like the planet itself. Look closely and you'll find other symbolism woven into the illustrations of the courts.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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Great balanced design

The muted red of the hearts and diamonds is classy, the gold backs give a pleasant high contrast, and the court cards featuring goats are both thematic and well-executed. I bought the deck because I'm a Capricorn, but I'm a fan because of the great design. Another fantastic release from Vanda.


Saturn is arguably one of astronomer's favorite planets. Distinct in features such as the famous ring around planet. This is definitely back of the back design of the card and the box and is highlighted beautifully. As for the court cards, it's made up of goat-like creatures. I'm not 100% sure why they chose goats as the symbol of court cards of Saturn. I believe it has something to do with greek or roman mythology. Nonetheless, a very amazing deck of cards.


Great art work on this deck. The courts are really nice. Back design is very powerful looking. Nice ebmossing and foil. Fantastic deck.

The sixth of the Planet decks

This is the sixth and newest addition that makes up the popular Planets series, representing all the planets in our solar system. The collector will be in love once he sees the luxurious tuck box, which is arguably the best yet, and features gold holographic foil, white foil, interior foiling, and embossing. The court cards also have intriguing customization, making it stand out immediately from a "regular" deck. Love the look of this one!

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