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The Origin Playing Cards USPCC

$59.99 USD
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The Origin Playing Cards USPCC

$59.99 USD

The Origin Playing Cards

On Jan 21, Skymember Presents kickstarted 2021 by launching their next titan in Art of Playing Cards -The Origin which took the playing cards community by storm.

The artwork, details and quality found in the project is astonishing and was successful in winning the hearts of the community.

However, due to the limited time we had in funding, very few collectors managed to secure their very own Origin deck. But fret not, we have heard your frustrations.

Therefore, we're proud to announce that one of the most anticipated decks in 2021 is finally available to the public!

Say hello to The Origin Playing Cards Special Edition, designed by our extremely talented artist; Austin Ho.

The Special Edition inherited the tuck case design from The Olympians, the book-style that holds stories through art. The tuck case was printed and co-engineered with specialists from the in-house factory TOPCC with UV technology on holographic paper.

Each element and illustration has a meaning, truly breathing life into the artwork. The whole deck narrates "Genesis", a story based on Austin's imaginary world. To replicate oil ink painting, we chose to print the decks with moderated metallic inks.

Special Edition is a bold and big approach from Austin because it's the first time he has utilized feedback to create a non-monochromatic design. He believes it gives such timeless art a stunning modern edge. But here's the best part; it matches & harmonizes perfectly with the Collector Origin & Olympians Playing Cards.

Printed by USPCC on their signature premium stocks and thin-crushed.

We promise this would be one of your proudest decks ever in your collection.

Whether you want to share with your beloved friends and family, or display beautifully on your shelf, we can't wait for it to be in your hands.

The Origin; a beginning of everything. It's a story forever marked in humankind that we believe should be a piece of everyone's life.

2021 Release

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