The Green Man Companion Booklet

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The Green Man Companion Booklet

Over 60 pages long, The Green Man companion booklet delves into the folklore behind all the characters of The Green Man deck as well as the properties and superstitions behind the dozens of plants present throughout the face cards and the courts.

An essential journey through the artistic process, this booklet explains every brushstroke of the deck and takes you on an adventure through European folklore.

A must have if you would like to use the playing cards for cartomancery or readings.

Designed in Italy by Sicilian artist Alessandra Gagliano, The Green Man playing cards are a celebration of the magic and mythology of the plant world. After the success of Fillide – A Sicilian Folk Tale, Jocu return to ancient art and folklore, exploring this iconic character and delving into the legends behind dozens of plants and trees said to contain magical properties.

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