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The Cardistry Game USPCC

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The Cardistry Game USPCC

$19.99 USD

The Cardistry Game

The Cardistry Game is a last man standing card game where players must perform cardistry in order to keep on playing. If you fail a cut, you lose cards from the deck you're performing with. If you don't have any more cards, you're out of the game. Last player at the table wins.

Great for your jam sessions, discord gatherings, conventions, training and creating!

How it Works

To begin, you need one Cardistry Game Deck and also each player needs a deck with which to perform.

You place a card face up on the table from the game deck and perform a flourish of the type shown on the card (ex: Two Handed Cuts, Fans, Productions).

Next player places down a new game card and performs a flourish for each face up card. You go on like this until you have 3 piles.

After you have 3 piles the following cards are placed on top of an existing pile. Each player performs the move shown on the top of a pile. Which mean, you can only perform a maximum of 3 moves.

IF you fail a cut from the top of a packet you must remove 4 playing cards from your deck (with which you perform) for every game card in that packet. So if the packet has 5 cards then you remove 5 x 4p = 20 cards.

If you have no more cards in your deck, you lose. The last player at the table with cards wins.

Special Cards

You can also encounter Special Cards that change the way you have to perform your moves.

Or cards that challenge you to do certain things, thus making the game much more interactive!

More Gameplays

Each game comes with instructions for 4 additional gameplays to play with your friends or by yourself!


Designs from companies you all know and love: The Virts, New Deck Order, Fontaine Cards, Cardistry Touch, Goos, Occupied Cards, Best Cardist Alive, Mn.Snt., Lotus In Hand, Organic Cards, Bicycle Cards, Riffle Shuffle and Obec Studio.

Can Be Played By ANYONE!

It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or a pro, the game has been designed with instructions and rules for all skill levels, making it enjoyable for anyone out there!

Great For Practicing!

The various types of moves and special cards make it fun for you to practice and use to create your own moves!

Perfect For Jams and Conventions

You can use it to have fun, duel someone, come up with ideas or organise a Live Cardistry Championship - the possibilities for it at a convention are endless!

Work Online As Well

You don't have to be in the same room to play with someone else, which is great if your friends are not close to you. All you need is a Cardistry Game deck and joy to kick it till midnight!

2021 Release


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