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The 6th Extinction Playing Cards by TMCards

From the time earth began harboring life, there have been five mass extinctions. Most scientists agree that we’re in the midst of the sixth one, beginning when modern humans first left Africa during the last ice age and continuing through the present day. The first victims were the largest megafauna—the mammoths, giant deer, cave lions and other large mammals that vanished in Europe and Asia between 100 and 50 thousand years ago. They were followed by all the large animals in Australia, Madagascar, the Americas, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands. The next wave of extinctions happened during European colonization of the Americas and the rest of the world, starting around 1500, and we’re currently experiencing the tail end of that.  

Most people are familiar with some extinct animals, such as the dodo, the passenger pigeon and the mammoth. But there are others that deserve the spotlight too—giant lemurs the size of gorillas that used to live on Madagascar, huge flightless birds such as the moa and elephant bird, small rails that lived on isolated Pacific islands, and a wombat the size of a rhino will among the animals that will appear on the cards . This deck aims to showcase these lesser-known animals, as well as the familiar ones such as the dodo, in an attractive and easily-accessible format. It is also an opportunity for the artists to shine!  


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