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Testament Classic Playing Cards USPCC

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Testament Classic Playing Cards USPCC

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Testament Classic Playing Cards

An October 2020 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

From artist Ben Green:

I bring you my vision of 'Testament' a biblical themed deck of cards.

The classic deck retains the caveat, each deck bears the seal; "On opening this deck, I agree to the condition of sale that the cards may not be used for gambling purposes".

This is an artistic deck for the love of cards and the art from the bible, not for a gambling aid. Gambling is considered a sin among Christians and many other religions, the concept of using the images of saints and biblical characters - and one could say double so of the family of Jesus and Abraham - in order to act out such a sin could be considered blasphemous and insulting to the religion.

This was a significant consideration whilst building this deck, but my mind was settled when conducting my research; I found the Catholic Church of England & Wales themselves use the image of Jesus as the King of Hearts and using cards to help the youth to reflect on their relationships.

Ethnicity was another consideration, and has been discussed in some length with religious and scholarly experts. I decided to stay in line with traditional western interpretations of the Bible characters as I have based my cards on my own experiences of the Bible.

Some of the best art in the world is inspired by, or directly taken from the bible, and whilst this deck may not be up there with the masters, I hereby present you with my deck: Testament, a classic styled deck for the collector. For the love of cards and art of the bible.

The illustrations are a combination of hand drawings and digital painting.

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock with Linen finish
  • 100% Custom Two-Way Art faces.
  • Limited Print run of 2500 Decks.
  • 52 Cards + 2 Custom Jokers + Gaff Card + Alternate Jack of Spades
  • Both Jokers have a special reveal
  • Custom Numbered Seals
  • Specially designed as a usable and high quality deck, for perfect play
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beautiful Cards

I was awe struck with how gorgeous the artwork is for this deck. The style and detail reminded me a lot of the Action Bible, as if this would be a perfect companion to that (which it is!) I spent hours looking at the details, and shuffling them, which shuffle rather satisfactorily. I am giddy to have them in my collection and can't wait to shuffle and play with them for years to come! :)

Frank Sumner

These cards have made me go through them multiple times trying to see all the details. It is astonishing at how I see something new every time I go through them.

Got this as a mystery deck

The art is lovely, but I would return this if it was cost-effective. I don't gamble, but I don't appreciate being told what I can and can't do with the product I own. If you want that kind of control, don't sell them to the general public.

william ellington
loyalty points well spent!

i got this deck for a free deck with loyalty points i have many dragon decks and new moon star gazers.. im glad i finally gave it a go these are my new favorites.. themed well and feel great .. they will break in even better.. will be getting more.. also awesome artwork!

Подарок от магазина.

Получил данную колоду в подарок от магазина ! Не учитывая тематику колоды могу лишь сказать что сделана она очень хорошо , моя оценка 9.5/10 .

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